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Our medical and nursing services focus on women’s health issues. Consultations are by appointment and are bulk-billed through Medicare. Telehealth or face-to-face consultations are available. Please note that we do not operate as a general practice. Appointments for our medical and nursing services can only be made for women’s health related matters. Due to the high demand for our medical and nursing services, there may be times when you will need to wait in excess of two weeks for an appointment.

Women’s health related matters include: 

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's), Contraception, Unplanned pregnancy & referral options, Pre-conception, pregnancy and postnatal, Breast health and checks, Cervical Screening, Menstruation & menopause, Nutrition disordered eating & weight managementm Urinary incontinence, Depression & anxiety, Domestic violence & sexual assault, Heart health, Diabetes prevention, Osteoperosis/arthritis education, Hormonal IUD, Implanon NXT.

Contraception Procedural Services (Hormonal IUD & Implanon NXT)

  • An initial consultation with one of our health professionals is held for you to discuss options, answer any questions you may have and assess your eligibility. This first consult is bulk-billed by Medicare. 

  • The next appointment will be booked for the procedure. All relevant information for the procedure will be given to you during the first consultation. The procedure will incur a cost, please call us on (02) 9601 3555 for more information. 


For further information on these or any other services, contact one of our friendly staff on (02) 9601 3555. Alternatively, you can leave an enquiry below and a staff member will contact you shortly.
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